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"We are so grateful to the team at Adult Placement Network! My 92-year-old dad is happily settled into the home that APN found for him. It has been a challenge to find a place for Dad due to several complicating factors. The wonderful staff at APN took the time to ask the right questions and then really listened to the answers. So glad we found them after working unsuccessfully with other senior housing placement services. Thank you, APN!"

- Kathy McCarthy

"You were able to stay focused when we were in a situation that was new and confusing to us. You helped us ask the right questions when we visited the homes that were a consideration for our mother. Your ability to stay on track with questions that you knew were important to us, but that we had overlooked was commendable."

- Bonnie and Steve

"Thank you so much for the assistance my wife and I received from Adult Placement Network this past winter when we needed to find a residential placement for a family member with Alzheimer`s Disease. At the time, I knew very little about the options in the Portland area. You and your staff gave me an excellent overview of the various possibilities, and came along on visits to a variety of programs, such that I was able to understand the range of possibilities. I especially appreciate the care that you took to listen to our concerns and to match our preferences with the available programs. The choice we made was truly an informed one, and is working out well."

- William Hilson, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry

"This move came at a particularly sensitive and difficult time as mom's husband and my father had just passed away. With great sensitivity and patience, they did everything possible to help us find the very best place possible for Mom at a reasonable price, and they were completely successful in helping us to find just such a place. They wanted to be sure that we felt good about the choice that we had made and that mom would feel safe, secure and loved in her new home."

- R. Bruce Paden and M. Anita Paden

"Michele is a wealth of information, an excellent resource person. After our first meeting she had given me a feeling of security for my future decisions and I knew I had found excellent support.

I met up again with Michele later this year. She spent three days helping me find the right foster home. This is not an easy decision for most but Michele was so patient and supportive of myself helping me through my doubts and fears. She shows a strong passion towards the senior community and has a wealth of information in all areas as well as excellent referrals in many areas."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional manner in which you presented realistic solutions to finding a foster home for my parents. Your thorough screening process regarding my parents' needs, especially those of my father, was most thought provoking in the search for suitable housing and assistance. It was very obvious from the first telephone conversation we had that you are a person who is genuinely concerned about providing the best care for our seniors."

- Mary Wentz

"Michele took me by the hand, reassured me, spoke with confidence and knowledge to make me feel comfortable working with her. She was always cordial anytime I called her - and believe me I called her a lot. She asked detailed questions about my dad, what he liked, did not like, what we as a family wanted for him. Her resources and knowledge of the facilities in the area were fantastic. Ginny, the wonderful visiting nurse from Adult Placement Network came to the care home to talk with Mom and Dad. She was a very compassionate and understanding lady. She made my parents feel right at ease. She even took Mom to visit various homes.

Michele was able to place Dad in a loving, caring home within two weeks. She worked with Medicaid and the social worker."

- Christine Toops, daughter of John Flaherty

"Both Mom and I felt like a guardian angel had landed on our shoulder when we first met with you to help us find the best living situation for my mother. You appeared to be very knowledgeable about the options available and you took the time to explain things in a clear and understandable way. When we went out to view properties, your knowledge of the facilities was very helpful. It was so helpful to have you handle all the appointments and to be there to ask the right questions as we toured the facilities.

But mostly, you were absolutely wonderful with my mother. She told me on several occasions how much she liked working with you and that she felt she was in good hands with you helping us make these decisions. She also really appreciated your checking back with her after she had lived in her new home for a little while to see how things were going. We both would like to think we not only gained the help of a true caring professional in this process, but that we also made a new friend."

- Dennis Nelson

"A tireless, knowledgeable, patient, and immensely kind professional who was always available to us as we researched and looked at new care facilities for my mother, Michele is a remarkable consultant and advocate.  

When my husband flew from Massachusetts to Oregon to seek care facilities for my mother earlier this year, Michele did all the advance work, then accompanied him to seven facilities over a two day period.

And when we were finally ready to move my mother - and had to do it quickly - Michele was again by our side, coming up with some new places we hadn’t thought of. She directed us to an excellent mover, who moved my mother with a week’s notice and did it flawlessly, and with great sensitivity.

Michele’s job did not end with my mother’s placement. In my mother’s first week at her new care facility, Michele paid two visits - first to meet my mother and her Medical Alternate, and then to meet me and my son.

Michele is the most supportive, thorough and helpful adult care consultant I have ever worked with. And my mother is now getting the care she needs in an excellent facility."

- Linda H. Yanikoski

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