Independent Living

For seniors who no longer want to stay in their home, Retirement communities can be a satisfying choice. With lots of configurations to choose from including apartments, condos, manufactured homes or cottage homes there are a number of appealing options. Offering organized social programs, activities and excursions, restaurant-style dining options, and transportation to healthcare and shopping, Independent Retirement Living offers a leisure lifestyle with plenty of opportunity for social interaction.
Independent Living/Retirement Communities offer the privacy of your own home with all the amenities and none of the hassles of maintaining a house. The choices abound from high-rise urban living to campus style in the suburbs. With the emphasis onhealthy living, these communities make life easier and more stimulating.
Independent Living/Retirement Communities are private pay only and the cost ranges from sliding scale, based on income, to large buy ins with additional monthly fees. Costs are not covered by Medicare, health insurance or long term care insurance.
When considering whether a community is a good fit, independence is the key word here. Independent Living/Retirement Communities offer no assistance in your activities of daily living. If care is needed, either short or long term, most communities allow a resident to hire In-home care. More and more Independent Retirement Communities will have their own In-home Care agency or lease space to an outside agency that has an office on-site . Many communities are part of a continumn of care with Assisted Living on the same campus so residents may transition and age in place.
Adult Placement Network would be happy to help you choose a Retirement Community where you can enjoy social interaction with other seniors and continue to enjoy an independent lifestyle.