Home Health Care

After an accident or other serious health event, Home Health Care makes it possible for many seniors to be discharged from the hospital or nursing home sooner. Home Health is a medical model that can include Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy with RN oversight for medical issues.
This model of care brings health services, rendered by licensed medical providers, directly into a senior's home and is often less costly and more comfortable than hospitalization or nursing home care. By providing medically qualified staff to assist with recovery after a critical health event, Home Health agencies allow you to be independent and stay in your home longer.
Most seniors receive Home Health care because their medical provider orders the care following a health event or change in health status, which may or may not include hospitalization or a nursing home stay. When prescribed by a medical provider, the costs are usually covered by Medicare and other health insurance. The duration of this care depends on the individual’s needs. This is periodic care with providers completing a certain task and leaving. It does not provide hourly custodial care such as In-home care.
Home Health Care may be hired on a private basis but would not covered by standard medical insurance. Some Long Term Care insurance will, but it depends upon the language in the policy. The cost ranges from $25 per hour for light assistance to $200 per hour or more for nurses and other medical professionals.
Adult Placement Network has several strategic partners offering Home Health Care in the Portland Metro area.