Adult Day Care

A Great Solution for Working Families

Even when families are able to keep ​a loved one​ in the home, there is a serious challenge when he or she has dementia or other health concerns and the primary caregiver needs to work or take a break.  Adult Day Care is ​a specifically designed space that provide​s​ opportunities for engagement throughout the day in a safe environment while the family is away.  
Day Care offers meals, activities and rest throughout the day as needed in a safe ​ environment. ​ ​Adult ​Day Care also provides seniors the opportunity to socialize, engage in mentally stimulating and fun physical activities and, in some cases, receive health support services.  Adult Day Care may be a social model, a health care model or a combination depending on the needs of an individual. 
The daily cost for Adult Day Care ranges from $50 to $100, depending on the number of hours and the type of care.  Medicare and health Insurance do not cover the cost but Medicaid and Long Term Care insurance may. 
There are several Adult Day Care centers in the Portland, Oregon area that are licensed to handle day care and could be excellent options for your family. ​Let Adult Placement Network help find the right Adult Day Care provider for you.