Our Placement Process

Our Goal is to Ensure That Your Needs Are Met

We know how important it is to find the right place. There are so many choices out there. We've designed our senior placement process to work through all the things that crop up when hard decisions have to be made.

Step 1: Consultation – Let's Talk About Your Needs

We begin the senior placement process with a phone consultation. This helps us determine your needs and desired assisted living environment and any other senior services we may help you find in the Portland, Oregon area. 

Based on the initial assessment we schedule an appointment for a in-depth assessment to gather more details so we can determine care needs, lifestyle choices, budget and desired living location.

We like to meet the seniors we are helping to place in person. This gives our staff the opportunity to get to know them. We find this to be of tremendous value in the placement process.

Call us at 503-659-2029 to set up a consultation, today.

Step 2: Placement – Choosing the Right Place for You

Our placement specialists select three to four carefully pre-screened retirement communities that best match your senior care needs and preferences. When we've made our selections, we schedule a visit to the different choices at your convenience.

We gladly tour each facility with you to assist in the process of negotiating and advocating as needed. During each tour, we will help you ask the right questions and advocate for your needs or those of your loved ones. We want to make sure that your decision is fully informed and that you are confident in the choice that you make.

Step 3: Follow Up – Making Sure Your Senior Placement Has Worked

Our goal is a successful transition. Within 60-90 days of placement we conduct make a follow up call. We call our clients' family and the facility, home or community to make sure the transition was successful for everyone. 

We ask the seniors we assist to participate in our resident satisfaction evaluation whenever possible. This feedback helps us ensure that their transition has been successful and that the quality of our service remains as high as our customers depend on it to be.