Skilled Care Facilities

Rehabilitation Centers, ​Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)​ or Post-Acute Care, these communities are utilized as an interim step for intensive rehabilitation after a health related incident before returning home or relocating to another care setting.  Nursing homes also provide long term care for those who need a high level of round-the-clock care. ​ In this case the term used is Intermediate Care Facility or ICF. 
Two levels of care are usually provided - Skilled Care and Intermediate Care. A physician will prescribe skilled care and the nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists will provide the medical care needed to help the patient regain their independence.  Skilled care is usually covered by Medicare and/or insurance for a maximum of 120 days with the daily cost, around $300 per day covered fully or partially, depending on various factors. The average stay for a person receiving rehabilitation services paid for by Medicare or insurance is about 21 days. 
Intermediate Care is ​appropriate ​for a resident who need​s​ 24 hour medical care provided by nurses and other licensed care staff to keep them safe and stable.  This may include treatments, feeding assistance, mobility assistance and restorative care to maintain a stable condition. Intermediate care, around $250 a day, is not covered by Medicare but may be covered by Long Term Care insurance ​or ​Medicaid.  Residents can also receive Palliative and Hospice Care in this setting. 
Adult Placement Network can help you find the right Skilled/Intermediate care for ​you or your family member.