Adult Care Homes

Adult Care Homes are private homes licensed ​by county or by state of Oregon ​to provide care​ ​for a maximum of five residents.  Homes have been built or remodeled to provide 24 hour ​access to ​care in a home​-​like environment with private rooms​, many with private half baths​ and shared community space.  Residents receive help with personal care, medications, ambulation and other task of daily living.  
The level of care provided in an Adult Care Home differs from home to home. ​ Level 1 homes​ meet the needs of seniors requiring ​less assistance. ​Level 2 and level 3 homes​ provide considerable assistance with personal care and ​a few provide awake night time staff​.  ​An Adult Care Home can be a great environment for someone who needs close supervision.  Since there is at least one caregiver available at all times, it offers the best caregiver to resident ratio in the industry, 1 to 5.  Most homes provide long term care and hospice care and may also offer short term respite care. 
Each home has its own personality and is usually located in a residential neighborhood of single family homes. Depending on the home, there may be pets, the Operator’s children and family members, various activities, outdoor and gardening areas and other unique features.  They also may specialize  in certain care needs such as dementia or Parkinson’s, or have only male or female residents. 
The base rate for Adult Care Homes starts at about $2800 per month and will increase according to the care needed.  Residents can pay privately, be covered by Medicaid or Long Term Care Insurance but Medicare and health insurance do not cover the cost. 

There are ​almost 1000​ Adult Care Homes in the Portland Metro area so it can be exhausting and overwhelming to find one that meets the needs of your loved one while making sure the home has a good reputation.  Adult Placement Network can step in, minimize your stress and assist in locating ​homes that are​ ​the best fit​ for you to consider.